Abstract Business

We offer services in the following areas:

  • Management Consulting – Covering: Business/Management Advisory Services, Market Research and Development, Emerging Markets Advisory Services, Preparation of Feasibility Studies and Marketing Plans, Need Assessment/Capacity Building Study, Implementation, Industry-Specific Training, Information Technology Planning and Delivery, etc.
  • Procurement Services – Covering Equipment Sourcing, Technical Partnership Sourcing, Need Assessment, Equipment Supply Brokerage Services, Preparation of Tender/Bidding Documents,
    Tender Pre-qualifications and Administration, New Products Marketing, etc.
  • Project Management – Turnkey services
  • International Business Services – Providing Business leads, Company incorporation, providing upon
    request, up-to-date market information on West African and North American Trade opportunities,
    Market Development, promoting export and import opportunities, matching investors with partners in profitable ventures, etc.

Our expertise in tender evaluation and guidance will provide you with advice on effective tendering in different markets thereby increasing your chances of securing that lucrative contracts and getting the best deals for the supply of required products. Our Associates will put all the facts at your disposal so that you can make your procurement decisions with confidence.