The Group

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The following are the members of our Group:

M-SYSTEMS Limited, commenced operations in Nigeria in 1989, and has been providing information technology and management consulting services to various companies in the West African region.
We also have working arrangements with some North American companies who are keen in expanding their businesses in the emerging markets of which Nigeria is such a huge market with lots of opportunities.

Our working relationships with some North American companies include joint ventures in projects in Nigeria, and as suppliers of new and pre-owned heavy equipment, hi-way tractors, flatbed trailers, etc. to the West African market.

To safeguard our reputation and professional integrity, we go the extra mile to screen requests from potential clients in order to avoid unnecessary exposure to risks, of our company and the companies we are sourcing products and services from. The screening of the requests also enables us to assess the seriousness of such requests thereby helping us to avoid Scammers and Fraudsters.


Our Non-Circumvention Policy
As a result of our experience with companies and individuals with low business ethics, we have put in place a zero tolerance policy to deal with clients who go behind us to our sources of business which we may have deliberately or unavoidably exposed to such clients. When this unethical practice is uncovered, we charge such clients double the price, or we cancel the transactions immediately. Also when we have a representation agreement in place with a company, and such company decides to profit at our expense, excluding us, and conniving with other unethical prospects, based on our marketing/publicity efforts in a particular market, we terminate our relationship with such unethical company, unless, an amicable solution is arrived at.